KS650 - is a Battery Powered walk behind Sweeper, featuring a 73cm sweep path, self propelled traction drive, vacuum assisted sweeping and productivity of approximately 3,525 sq mts per hour. The KS650 is a simple machine to use, featuring a side brush for edge sweeping, an on board filter shaker, wet sweep by pass and a light, easy to empty debris hopper, it performs well and with total ease. Featuring a high efficiency dust filter combined and filter shaker, the KS650 performs well even in high dust applications. The KS650 is one of a few machines that is not manufactured in Henau Switzerland plant, it is manufactured in an alternate plant in Europe. For a product brochure simply click the brochure link to the left of this page, or phone 1300 010 049.

KS650 - Sweeper

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  • 73cm Sweep Path, Side brush, Easy Empty 35L Hopper, Producivity of up to 3,525 sq mts per our, Easy Change Brushware, Automatic Brushware Stop, 122 Kg weight. Dimensions 110cm x 71cm x 72cm. Supplied with Maintenance Free Batteries and inbuilt Charger, ready to operate.