HS770 - is a simple easy to use Push Sweeper, featuring a wide 77cm cleaning path. Equipped with a side brush for sweeping edges and easy to empty 32 Litre debris hopper, the HS770 is a breeze to use. In addition the obvious high quality of the HS770, both the side brush and main broom are fully adjustable, avoiding premature replacement, and even more importantly ensuring the sweeper performs well constantly. Simple push the machine and the brushes turn, flicking debris into the hopper for later disposal, could not be any simpler to operate. For a product brochure simply click the brochure link to the left of this page, or phone 1300 010 049.

HS770 - Push Sweeper

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  • 77cm Sweep Path, Side brush, Easy Empty 32L Hopper, Long Life Brushware, Adjustable Brushware, 18 Kg weight. Dimensions 132cm x 80cm x 88cm.